The European Copper Institute

We worked with this fantastic company in the run up to the 2019 European Elections to highlight how the use of copper connects people. 


We made a series of short films showcasing our animation skill. 


The films were viewed more than 220,000 times (as of November 2019).


The Green Man

Food and drink make for great imagery and we've worked with a number of bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants to showcase their fantastic businesses.

We were commissioned by the Green Man in Ropsley to make a film about their afternoon tea offer following our work with them in 2017 and 2018 as part of the Grantham Journal Business Awards.

If you would like to showcase your amazing food and drink, please get in touch today.


Yard Force

We have worked with the multi-national company for more than three years making film and providing high quality imagery for use across their platforms, in print and on their packaging. 


Images for Yardforce have been used in catalogues, on thinner website and social channels and on Amazon. 


We have made film for a variety of projects including their Amiro robot lawnmower. 


Imagery has been shot in studio and also on location.


Destination Films


Over the past two years we have made a series of #Love or destination tourism films to help promote towns and cities to tourists and visitors. 


We have made films in Sheffield, Exeter, Chelmsford, Wrexham, Sawbridgeworth, Tamworth and Stamford. 

The films have a strong economic benefit and appeal to a wide demography of viewers. All of them have tracked well in terms of views with the Wrexham film viewed over 27,000 in the first 15 days online, Exeter and Sheffield with over 11,000 views in the first 5 days and a total reach of over 60,000 views for the Tamworth film.




This project showcased a number of skills including film, photography and design. 


We were commissioned by this exciting new brand to make a short film for their website and social channels and also to take the images needed for their product to be sold on Amazon. 


The imagery also needed to be used in a design capacity and as you can see the impact was strong. 


We were pleased to be able to flex our creative muscles and show off our team’s broad range of skills.


Lawrence Rand


We have worked with this North London based company for more than six months producing a wide variety of photographic and video content.


This work falls into a concept called the ‘Digital Mayor’ positioning a business as the market leader within their community.


Rocket Exhibition Services


We have worked with Rocket for more than four years in both a film and photographic capacity. 


We have attended various shows throughout the UK filming testimonials, show round ups and one off projects including a full concept to completion film for international hotel chain Melia. 


We have photographed events, business headshots and product on location for the Rocketeers.


Property Television Shows


We have produced more than 30 property TV shows for three individual clients.


Working in Cheshire, we made 20 episodes of Cheshire TV which saw great success in its year long run. 


We were also asked to continue this concept on for a central London based show and more recently have reprised the concept for our new North London TV show set in and around Edgeware. 


North London TV has been commissioned throughout 2020 with another 12 episodes set to air throughout the year - this followed the successful pilot of four episodes which saw more than 20,000 views online. 

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